.Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

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  • Category: Action
  • Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE AB
  • Age Rating: + 16 years
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Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

Live action to the limit with this first person shooter game based on the popular Battlefield series and enjoy this incredible online experience packed with detailed graphics.

Battlefield Heroes is a free online game based on the famous Battlefield game saga. Unlike the original game series, Battlefield Heroes has a different interface, based on this occasion on a cartoon look, that, along with high level graphics, will provide an unique visual experience. A first person shooter, you'll have to face dangers with the help of your weapons.

At the begginning yo'u'll have to choose between joining the Royal Army or the National Army, the two factions that stand against one another in Battlefield Heroes. Next, you'll have to define the type of soldier that you would like to be in this war, choosing between 3 options: soldier, gunner or commando. Each class has different abilities that make them stand apart from the others, like having more resistance during battle or being stealthier when approaching your enemies. Now you only have to choose the appearance of your character among the different available options that will make each one different from the one another.

Polish your ability to handle the different available weapons in the game and turn into an elite troop. In Battlefield Heroes you'll find numerous available weapons, like knives, pistols, machine guns, sniper riffles, and many others. Join the community of Battlefield Heroes players and join battles from all over the world.

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